Advocating Early Detection “Dear Women, Don’t Leave it to Chance!”

Michel Daher Foundation is taking a bold stance against breast cancer with “Don’t Leave it to Chance,” a campaign urging women to prioritize their health and undergo regular breast cancer screenings, emphasizing the critical importance of early detection.

In collaboration with the Barbra Nassar and Zahle Associations for Cancer Patient Care, a renowned doctor, delivered an insightful presentation, empowering women with knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, in a gesture of solidarity, 170 hair strands were donated to the Barbra Nassar Association, symbolizing unwavering support for those battling cancer. The event witnessed the active participation of Deputy Michel Daher and journalist Dani Haddad, solidifying a collective commitment to the cause.

Through the “Don’t Leave it to Chance” campaign, the Michel Daher Foundation remains a beacon of support and advocacy, reminding everyone that early screenings can be a game-changer in the fight against breast cancer.