Celebrating with the Queens of the Day!

Michel Daher Foundation has always championed Lebanese women. We believe that they are equal partners and essential contributors to society. Despite various challenges, Lebanese women continue to play a vital role in the country’s development.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Michel Daher Foundation hosted a special event where more than 110 women joined the celebration, making it a truly empowering experience.

The gathering kicked off with engaging icebreaker activities, creating an atmosphere of joy. Following this, an inspiring session highlighted the significance of women’s rights, accomplishments, and responsibilities. The day unfolded with a series of captivating challenges that provided a stage for women to demonstrate their talents and work together, all within an enjoyable and spirited atmosphere that included activities such as drawing and singing.

Having a great time and feeling empowered, the day achieved its goal. “This celebration was a great way to honor women and empower them,” said one participant. “It was inspiring to be surrounded by strong and successful women,” said another. “I left feeling motivated and ready to take on the world.”

Through events like this, the Michel Daher Foundation remains committed to supporting and celebrating Lebanese women.