Fighting Breast Cancer Together: A Collective Gesture of Strength to Empower Women

In a deeply impactful initiative led by the Michel Daher Foundation, students from Holy Family School in Zahle and Riyaq, alongside their peers from Oriental Basilian College in Zahle, joined forces in a heartfelt hair donation campaign. Together, we aimed to bring hope and support to women courageously facing the challenges of cancer.

During this campaign, more than 170 girls selflessly contributed by donating their hair after receiving a breast cancer awareness session. They weren’t just giving strands; they were offering strength, solidarity, and a fierce love that defied adversity.

Beyond showcasing the inherent generosity of these young minds, the event served as a powerful testament to the Michel Daher Foundation’s unwavering commitment, to supporting breast cancer patients. It is a whispered promise that even in darkness, the smallest light can defy shadows.