Megabee: Empowering Digital Transformation in the Bekaa Region — A Success Story of Passionate Tech Graduates

Megabee, a promising startup founded by Kamal Frenn, the manager of the Tech for You-th Program, is revolutionizing the IT services and consulting landscape in the Bekaa region. The company offers entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs a comprehensive range of services, including designing and developing digital platforms such as web and mobile applications. Megabee’s passionate team comprises graduates from the Tech for You-th program, a life-changing initiative aimed at providing young and ambitious individuals in the Bekaa region with a solid foundation in the tech industry.

The Tech for You-th program, funded by USAID under the LIFE project and implemented by Michel Daher Foundation in partnership with AUST and Montada Al Mokaadin, offers over 26 tech and digital courses to help participants kickstart their careers in the burgeoning tech sector. Megabee’s team combines knowledge, experience, and technical skills to help clients transition smoothly into the digital world. The startup is committed to providing excellent service and delivering high-quality products tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including the economic crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, and increased costs of equipment and logistics, Megabee has persevered and emerged stronger. The Michel Daher Foundation provided critical support to Megabee for three months, equipping the startup with the necessary tools to succeed. Megabee is now a registered business, which has significantly enhanced its reputation and awareness in the market.

Under Kamal Frenn’s leadership, Megabee has gradually built a robust client base, both regionally and internationally. Following the opening of its office, the startup has been able to offer its IT services and consulting expertise to an even wider range of entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. The passionate team of Tech for You-th graduates continues to drive Megabee’s growth, making a tangible difference in the lives of its clients and the broader Bekaa region.

Megabee’s success story highlights the transformative impact of tech education and mentorship on young and ambitious minds. By empowering these individuals with the skills and resources necessary to excel in the tech industry, initiatives like the Tech for You-th program and the support of the Michel Daher Foundation are making a lasting difference in the lives of many in the Bekaa region.