Michel Daher Foundation Fuels Technological Passion with Bekaa’s First VEX Robotics Competition for Young Techies

In a groundbreaking event marking the first of its kind in the Bekaa region, the Michel Daher Foundation hosted a day packed with electrifying competition and spirited teamwork in the realm of robotics.

This captivating competition, a playground for innovation, drew the participation of 55 enthusiastic children and welcomed over 150 eager spectators.

During the event, young minds under 15 years old created an astonishing tapestry of creativity. Their innovative approach to assembling and programming robots showcased a level of skill that exceeded their age.

As the competition reached its peak, the champions took the stage, honored with certificates from the foundation. 

Their remarkable skills and passion for technology paint a vivid portrait of a future that holds remarkable potential across diverse technological frontiers.