Michel Daher Foundation Launches Energy Audit to Improve Cost Efficiency for Industrialists Project in Partnership with TIF

Michel Daher Foundation proudly launched the “Energy Audit to Improve Cost Efficiency for Industrialists” project in partnership with the Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project, aiming to enhance economic opportunities in Lebanon.

Funded by USAID, this program is designed to optimize energy use for 17 manufacturers in the Bekaa region, upgrade the skills of their technicians, and customize the best renewable energy solutions for them.

Through this partnership, Michel Daher Foundation is conducting training on renewable energy technologies and implementing an extensive on-site and off-site energy audit program. The foundation will then support industrialists in identifying energy inefficiencies and implementing appropriate solutions, including the installation of renewable energy systems.

The launching event saw the attendance of key figures such as Douglas Balko, Director of Economic Growth USAID/Lebanon, Mark Rostal, Chief of Party at DAI, and Nadine Chemaly, Deputy Chief of Party at DAI, along with Bekaa’s industrialists. The attendees were introduced to each other and engaged in fruitful conversations about the project’s potential impact on Lebanon’s manufacturing sector.

By collaborating with industrialists in the Bekaa region, the “Energy Audit to Improve Cost Efficiency for Industrialists” project aims to improve economic opportunities and pave the way toward a more sustainable future for Lebanon’s manufacturing sector.

Michel Daher Foundation and its partners are committed to positively impacting the industry and the community, promoting long-term growth and prosperity for the country.