Business Support and SMEs Program

Empowering Enterprises in Bekaa for Growth and Success

The Business Support and SMEs Program by Michel Daher Foundation was designed to boost capacity and efficiency for large companies and MSMEs in the Bekaa region, with the aim to strengthen the Backbone of the Economy.

In 2017, Michel Daher Foundation launched its first Business Support and SMEs Program, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of enterprises in Bekaa by assessing their requirements before implementation.

The program offered a wide range of courses targeted at technical staff and management positions in factories, focusing on capacity building. The provided courses covered various essential areas, including Strategic Management, Financial Planning, Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Lean Production, Human Resources, Business Development, Leadership Skills, and many more.

 Additionally, selected beneficiaries received in-kind grants as part of the program.

Looking back at the program’s impact, the Business Support and SMEs Program by Michel Daher Foundation achieved remarkable success between 2017 and 2020, by fostering growth and success for the region’s enterprises.


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This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals


We aim to create an enabling environment where every individual can reach their highest potential.