Cultural & Entertainment Events

Fostering a sense of togetherness and promoting social interaction

Michel Daher Foundation not only takes the initiative to plan and fund various Cultural and Entertainment Events annually, but also strives to create a vibrant and engaging community through a diverse range of activities. These events serve not only as sources of entertainment but also as opportunities to foster a sense of togetherness, celebrate special occasions, and promote social interaction.


Christmas Villages

The foundation brings the magic of the holiday season to life through enchanting Christmas Villages.

In 2018, Michel Daher Foundation orchestrated and generously funded a truly exceptional Christmas Village, held over a remarkable three consecutive days. A village were meticulously designed with festive decorations, light displays, and various themed attractions that delight visitors of all ages. An immersive experience where families enjoyed holiday-themed activities, explored gift markets, and even met Santa Claus.

Moreover, this Village not only succeeded in fostering a sense of communal joy but also served as a platform for small business owners to showcase and vend their unique products. This dual-purpose approach created an ecosystem where both visitors and local entrepreneurs could mutually benefit.

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Special Days Celebrations

Every year, Michel Daher Foundation organizes for Mother’s Day an event that gathers moms to make them feel a part of the foundation’s family. This event serves as a heartwarming occasion where mothers are not only recognized for their vital role in nurturing families and communities but are also provided with a supportive and inclusive environment.

Through various engaging activities and heartening gestures, the foundation ensures that these mothers experience a day filled with appreciation, laughter, and a sense of belonging.

This event goes beyond simple recognition; it seeks to bridge gaps and empower these mothers by fostering connections among them, promoting a stronger sense of community, and instilling them with renewed confidence and hope. As they share their stories and experiences, they find comfort among people who understand their journey, creating lasting bonds that extend far beyond the event itself.

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Michel Daher Foundation has proudly organized and presented more than 50 recitals over the years. The impact of our work has been felt beyond the stage by fostering a sense of community and togetherness. One particularly cherished tradition is our annual Christmas gathering, where we unite all the villages in the Bekaa region to spread the joy of Christmas spirit. This heartwarming event brings families, friends, and neighbors together to celebrate the festive season as a harmonious collective.

During these events, we also bring smiles to the faces of children by distributing candies, adding an extra touch of delight to their Christmas experience.

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Chess Tournaments

Fostering intellectual stimulation and cultivating a spirit of friendly competition, Michel Daher Foundation takes pride in hosting captivating chess tournaments. These strategic competitions not only celebrate the age-old game of chess but also nurture the values of strategic thinking and sportsmanship. Through meticulous planning, we ensure that these tournaments are accessible and engaging for players of all skill levels, resonating with beginners and seasoned players alike. 

A remarkable illustration of this commitment was witnessed during multiple tournaments held at our foundation’s premises. These events brought together a diverse array of chess enthusiasts spanning various age groups. With enthusiasm spreading through the room, approximately 100 participants eagerly embraced the challenge and engaged their minds in intellectual fervor and camaraderie. Three winners emerged from each tournament, claiming well-deserved prizes.  Beyond the rewards, each participant took home a wealth of experience, camaraderie, and personal growth. Through such endeavors, we continue to enrich our community and inspire a love for the game itself.

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Collective Wedding

Since 2012, the Michel Daher Foundation has been steadfastly organizing and funding an Annual Collective Wedding. This heartwarming event is designed to inspire the younger generation to embark on the journey of building families and upholding strong connections to their homeland.

From its inception until 2019, the Annual Collective Wedding has blossomed into a symbol of hope and jubilation. This extraordinary event has provided a platform for 304 couples to celebrate their unions, nurturing their love while simultaneously preserving their cultural heritage and profound ties to their land.

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This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals

We aim to create an enabling environment where every individual can reach their highest potential.