Emergency Responses

Navigating crises with resilience, compassion, and action

From pandemic relief efforts to aiding Beirut's blast victims, the Michel Daher Foundation swiftly took action to address urgent needs and make a positive impact on the community. The foundation's dedication and collaboration with various partners have led to notable achievements in vaccination, PCR testing, blood donation campaigns, and relief delivery.


Vaccination Campaign

The year 2021 brought the COVID-19 pandemic, a period of uncertainty and fear for citizens worldwide. In April, with the generous support of MP Michel Daher, the Michel Daher Foundation initiated a COVID-19 vaccination campaign. This endeavor was conducted in close partnership with Elias Hrawi Hospital-Zahle and through coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

This vaccination campaign reached a significant milestone by providing vaccinations to more than 10,000 citizens. A particular emphasis was placed on the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged individuals, those with frequent interactions with others, and those facing health challenges. By contributing to achieving herd immunity, the foundation played a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy and, hopefully, virus-free community.

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PCR Campaign

Responding to the urgency of the pandemic, the Michel Daher Foundation launched successive PCR campaigns to detect and track COVID-19 cases throughout the Bekaa region. With the dedicated support of MP Michel Daher, these campaigns took place in 2020 and 2021, benefiting around 1,200 individuals.

The foundation also recognized the importance of spreading awareness about the virus and providing mental and physical support to help individuals navigate these challenging times safely. To this end, a targeted social media awareness campaign was implemented, contributing to informed decision-making and well-being.

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Blood donation campaign

One of the most profound acts of kindness is donating blood—a simple gesture with the potential to save lives. Driven by a deep belief in humanity’s responsibility towards one another, the Michel Daher Foundation annually organizes blood donation campaigns.

In 2021, a collaboration with “Médecins Sans Frontières” in Lebanon resulted in a blood donation drive at Daher Foods. This collective effort led to the generous contribution of over 50 units of blood, benefiting Thalassemia patients and other individuals in need. The campaign united the spirits of Daher Group employees and volunteers, igniting a sense of purpose and the realization of their capacity to make a difference.

Continuing this humanitarian journey, the years 2022 and 2023 saw further collaboration, this time with the “Lebanese Red Cross.” Through these partnerships, the foundation facilitated the donation of an additional 65 units of blood. These campaigns embodied the spirit of the organization’s team and volunteers, motivating them towards a higher purpose and fostering increased participation in society.

The Michel Daher Foundation’s swift and compassionate response to emergent needs has made a substantial positive impact, contributing to health, well-being, and unity in the community.

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Beirut Blast Relief

From the ashes of broken hearts and spirits, new beginnings emerge.

In the wake of the Beirut port explosion, a collective of over 200+ volunteers stood together, making their way to Beirut with one mission: to stand beside the affected families, providing relief and assistance.

This encompassed vital provisions such as health and nutrition supplies, water accessibility, sanitation and hygiene solutions, home reconstruction, and shelter support. All of this was made possible through the dedicated efforts of the Michel Daher Foundation team, united with a common purpose.

  • 50+ Houses rehabilitation
  • 70+ Food Boxes
  • 200+ location cleaned
  • 8000+ Hygiene kits
  • 40+ Shelters
  • 2 Supporting community kitchens
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This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals

We aim to create an enabling environment where every individual can reach their highest potential.