House Electricity & Air Conditioning Training

Realigning vocational training to meet market needs

The House Electricity and Air Conditioning Training program, an initiative by the Michel Daher Foundation in collaboration with IECD, aimed to address the skills gap between technical education and the job market. The program equipped young people with essential skills for working in the electricity and air conditioning repair sectors while creating a positive social impact in their communities.

The Michel Daher Foundation identified a significant gap between the technical school education system and the job market. To address this issue, the foundation believed it was crucial to realign vocational training to meet market needs and help young people secure jobs in their chosen fields.

In 2021, the Michel Daher Foundation collaborated with IECD to train youth on technical skills for working in electricity and air conditioning repair. The program focused on providing practical, hands-on experience to ensure that students were well-equipped to enter the workforce.

As part of the program’s social initiative, the foundation selected five vulnerable households where students could apply their newly learned skills to fix and repair electricity systems. This initiative not only provided students with real-world experience but also positively impacted the lives of the selected families.

The House Electricity and Air Conditioning Training program had a significant impact on the lives of the participants and their communities. Over 24 young people benefited from the training and gained valuable skills, three houses were repaired electrically, four houses were painted, and 12 internship opportunities were provided.








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