Qudwa Program

Nurturing Resilience and Mental Well-Being

The Qudwa Program, a partnership between the Michel Daher Foundation and World Vision, was dedicated to fostering mental health and resilience in children and caregivers during challenging times. The program offered psychosocial support and positive communication sessions to help families cope with the stresses arising from COVID-19 and economic hardships.

The Michel Daher Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting the mental health of the next generation, especially during difficult times. In response, we partnered with World Vision to implement the “Qudwa” program, which aims to help children and caregivers overcome stress and strengthen their resilience in coping with challenging situations, such as those arising from COVID-19 and the deteriorating economic conditions.

The Qudwa program included a series of psychosocial and positive communication sessions for parents and children. In 2021, more than 90 caregivers and 115 children benefited from these valuable sessions.

As part of the program, the Michel Daher Foundation team received training to deliver awareness sessions to children on various topics, such as child labor, early marriage, gender-based equality, people with disabilities, and positive parenting. These sessions were conducted via Zoom meetings for caregivers in two different areas. In 2021, a total of 206 children attended these awareness sessions.


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This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals

We aim to create an enabling environment where every individual can reach their highest potential.