Tech for You-th

Empowering the Youth of Bekaa to Join The Digital Revolution

The Tech for You-th Program, a pioneering initiative by the Michel Daher Foundation, aimed to empower Lebanese youth in the Bekaa region by providing them with essential digital skills and training. By unlocking their potential, we helped them join the global digital revolution and create new opportunities for economic development in their communities.

Access to technology and digital skills was vital for personal and economic development in today’s world. Unfortunately, Lebanese youth often faced limited opportunities for education and training in digital skills, which hampered their potential for growth. To address this issue, the Michel Daher Foundation initiated the Tech for You-th Program, a life-changing tech and digital program for young and ambitious minds in the Bekaa region.

In 2021, with funding from USAID under the LIFE Project, the Michel Daher Foundation implemented the Tech for You-th Program, offering over 26 tech and digital courses. These courses covered a wide range of subjects, including artificial intelligence, Python, data science, UI/UX, animation, video editing, digital marketing, AutoCAD, IT, web development, mobile application development, copywriting, webflow, social media, .NET, graphic design, and PLC. The program aimed to equip Lebanese youth with the skills necessary to become freelancers and work remotely while staying in their villages.

The success of the Tech for You-th Program exceeded our expectations, with:

  • Over 2,223 applicants
  • 720 selected participants, with 325 targeted beneficiaries
  • 167 outstanding trainees receiving in-kind grants
  • 46 internships in national companies
  • 10 freelance opportunities and trainee recruitment
  • 13 completed projects linking entrepreneurs and SMEs to tech students
  • 1 virtual project for A+ and IT
  • 1 GIS project for land cover map
  • 1 internship in Coursera
  • 1 application for blood donation
  • 6 software projects

One notable achievement was the launch of the startup “Megabee” by the program manager, Kamal Frenn, at the end of the Tech for You-th program. Recruiting 30 students, Megabee received three months of support from the Michel Daher Foundation, providing it with all the necessary tools to succeed.

In parallel with ongoing training, the Michel Daher Foundation connected entrepreneurs and SMEs in need of mobile apps and websites with tech students. Thirteen projects were successfully completed and pitched in front of the jury on the 30th of August, 2021.










This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals

We aim to create an enabling environment where every individual can reach their highest potential.