“Zahle Through the Lens of Time”: A Celebration of Heritage

In a delightful collaboration, the Michel Daher Foundation has sponsored the captivating “Zahle Through the Lens of Time” photography exhibition, creating a portal leading back to Zahle’s golden age. The exhibition showcased Zahle’s culture, architecture, landmarks, and cherished traditions, giving visitors a captivating narrative of the city’s evolution.

On that night, esteemed guests, ranging from cultural icons to influential figures in the social and economic spheres, gathered to celebrate Zahle’s heritage, reflecting the exhibition’s importance in preserving the city’s precious tapestry.

The foundation’s President – Mrs. Marleine Daher – emphasized how the exhibition perfectly aligns with Mr. Michel Daher’s vision. She highlighted the foundation’s primary goal of bridging generations, guiding our children’s hearts back to their heritage roots, and igniting a fire of pride within their souls.

 More than just a display, ‘Zahle Through the Lens of Time’ promises that Zahle’s spirit lasts through time. The foundation strongly believes preserving our heritage is vital for a strong sense of identity, pride, and dignity.