Empowering rural women in promoting their art of food production and craft making to support their families and improve the community

Standing for Active, Decent, Intelligent, Resilient, and Aware, ADIRA embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial Lebanese women determined to employ their unique food production know-how and craft making to improve their living conditions and attain economic independence for themselves and their families.

By providing intensive support and adhering to strict food safety standards, ADIRA has enabled more than 15 rural women to produce and market top-notch food products under one brand, capturing the essence of Lebanon’s identity and the Lebanese women’s impeccable food skills.

Having 50+ FDA-approved food items available in the United States and across seven physical and online points of sale across Lebanon is a testament to the quality of the Adira products. The initiative not only promotes economic independence for the women involved, but it also contributes to the community’s overall economic development by creating jobs and promoting the unique food culture of Lebanon.

Overall, ADIRA serves as a beacon of hope for women in Lebanon to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to their communities’ well-being.


Adira launched



2 Countries

Lebanon & USA

7 Stores


15 Women

involved & Supported


Made with carefully-sourced natural ingredients and strictly following FDA regulations for maximum hygiene and food safety standards, our Mouneh and innovative food products guarantee authentic, top-quality Lebanese goodness all year round!

Dried Food

Garlic powder mixed with herbs, dried mint, keshek powder, dried grape…

Ready to eat

Diced Beetroot, stuffed eggplant in oil, pickles, half-cooked green beans, Awarma


Apple, Pumpkin, Cooked Figs, Strawberry jams


Authentic handmade Mouneh products
Innovative and creative food items
Natural ingredients with no additives
Competent and well-trained staff
Supporting local women and farmers
High quality and high food safety standards

Where to buy

Physical Stores
Jazzmin – Achrafieh
Beit el Mouzareh – le Mall Dbayeh
La Brocante – Galaxy mall Online

Online Stores
By Roots
Lebanese Shopping Center
Lebanese Signatures

Get our products by messaging us via Instagram or by calling us on +961 76 374 091

Adira has not only helped me but has helped my whole family during these hard times Lebanon is going through. Not only was I able to bring an income to the household, but it allowed me to see the importance of my role in society.


Lebanese Rural Women


This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals