Qamar Shatters Stereotypes with Michel Daher Foundation & Anera’s Gender-Inclusive Industrial Engineering Course

“In our society, everyone sees mechanical engineering as a male profession but I reject that bias and say every person should be able to pursue any career regardless of gender.”


Qamar is a 21-year-old mechanical engineering student. She decided to join the Industrial Mechanical course at Michel Daher Foundation in partnership with Anera. A vocational and technical course coupled with employment support services (cash for work), giving youth with a mechanical and electrical engineering background an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, generate daily income and pave their professional pathways.

This course also promotes gender inclusivity and encourages more young women to enter fields that are generally male-dominated. Thus, Qamar has become a role model for girls who share her passion for mechanical engineering.

After completing the practical component of this course at Daher Foods, a food production company in the Bekaa Valley. Today, Qamar has received a job offer from the company and is now a full-time employee.

Qamar concluded and insisted that the “achievement shouldn’t be for me to join this job as a girl, but rather to prove myself equal in it.”