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Apply for a scholarship at the Michel Daher Foundation Tech Academy, gain free access to advanced, sought-after courses and specializations on Coursera, and become job-ready within a few months.

Amidst the rapid transformation of the tech and digital worlds, the Michel Daher Foundation is committed to keeping Lebanese youth ahead with advanced tech and digital skills.

The Tech Academy is open to talented individuals who can commit to the intensive learning tracks related to various digital and technical specializations, including artificial intelligence, data analytics, digital marketing, graphic design, programming, web development, and other sought-after topics.

The courses cater to various technical backgrounds and levels, providing comprehensive and accessible learning opportunities to all. They also align with the demands of leading tech and digital companies that are seeking talented recruits in the field and are willing to offer internship and job opportunities for the academy’s graduates.

870+ Scholarships

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50+ Courses

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172+ Graduates


25+ Jobs

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Access online flexible courses and specializations for free
Enhance your skills and become more competitive in the job market
Boost your CV with sought-after tech and digital certifications
Expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals
Access exclusive internship and job opportunities
Get dedicated support and guidance to develop your career


Submit your application, attend the induction info session, design your own specialization track, and start learning on Coursera for free

Start by browsing the available courses and start your application to the Tech Academy today from any course page! Once you have been accepted, we invite you to attend an in-person info session, where you will be introduced to our extensive course offerings, receive valuable advice on how to get the most out of your experience, and tailor your own specialization track to your individual interests and career goals.

Once you have designed your track, we ask you to sign a commitment form and we send you the enrollment confirmation by email so you can start learning on Coursera for free at your own pace.

We’ll keep following up with you on your progress and assigned tasks via email and WhatsApp to make sure you complete your track on time and earn your certificate.

Once graduated, you can design a new learning track or benefit from our internship and job opportunities to advance your career.


I believe that those in the business and IT fields should benefit from one of these reporting tools that Michel Daher Foundation is granting, to find new skills and gain well-deserved employment.

Charbel Charabaty

IT wizard at Daher Foods

Reach your highest potential. Start learning today and unlock your future lucrative career in tech.


This project aligns with our overarching mission to contribute to the sustainable development goals