Sixty-Five Young Students Graduated the Robotics Training Program at Michel Daher Foundation

The Michel Daher Foundation recently celebrated the achievements of over 65 ambitious graduates who completed our innovative Robotics Training program. Ranging in age from 8 to 17, these enthusiastic learners immersed themselves in the fascinating world of robotics and artificial intelligence.

With both beginner and advanced-level sessions, the program catered to participants’ varying skill levels and allowed them to explore the cutting-edge field of AI. Throughout the course, students engaged in interactive learning experiences, which not only helped them acquire new technical skills but also fostered their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

As a testament to their hard work and brilliance, each participant received a well-earned certificate upon completing the program. This accomplishment reflects their dedication and commitment to learning about the future of robotics and AI.

At Michel Daher Foundation, we are proud to support and guide the youth on their journey toward a brighter future. By providing opportunities like the Robotics Training program and the Tech Academy, we aim to inspire the next generation to continue exploring the limitless potential of technology and innovation.